(control) side

CW keyer
(new from firmware v 1.44)

Control with cw key (old)

Modified control - local cw audio, connector for mic (old)

Notebook with extended LCD monitor

Printscreen - CQRlog, PA remote, ssh terminal (ant sw, temp sensor, rotator control)

Actual antenna direction


PA console
OS Ubuntu Linux

The entire solution is built on Linux and is composed of two parts

  • Hardware from remoterig.com solution that ensures complete an unbeatable way to transfer audio signals and simultaneously the front panel controls and transmission CW and PTT keying. The original diagram is adapted for use with external cw elbug (microKEYER) with local cw audio.
    Update: From firmware version 1.44, is cw elbug implemented.

  • Second part of the linux server that provides the remaining functionality with software
    • cwdaemon - software keying
    • hamlib - TRX cat
    • ser2net - control pa
    • ledblink - managed some bash scripts to control ant switch (automatically according to trx freq), AC on/off, rotator control
    • owfs - reading values from temperature and voltage sensors at 1-wire bus

On the client side is used
  • station/contest log (CQRlog, tlf, yfktest, tucnak)
  • expert console - original software to control all the functions PA (running under wine)
  • ssh terminal for reading the measured voltage&temperature values and switching AC power

Server (TRX) side

Remoterig.com, trx ts-480, server (voyage linux), dummy load for testing

PC alix 1d (AMD Geode 500mhz) - consumption 5W

PA spe-1k fa

1kW dummy load with 1-wire temperature sensor

Antenna switch

AC relay for PA with 1-wire voltage sensor

RX Splitter



several bash scripts
OS Voyage Linux


version 3.3 (Jun 2012)
  • Add filter before sdr FUNcube Dongle panadapter - retune MF filter from old TRX (VR21) to 73.069 Mhz

version 3.2 (Jan 2012)
  • Add new map (from Xplanet) with actual grayline into rotator control.

version 3.1 (Dec 2011)
  • To eliminate contact resistance of all the relays in the RX path, connecting DC voltage (about 20 mA) before receiver.

version 3.0 (Sep 2011)
version 2.9 (May 2011)
  • Install weather station W-8681 with pywws and put values ​​to control html page - weather data
  • Change script - display voltage and temperature changes color depending on value
  • Replacement of damaged transformer in the PA (short-circuit the primary winding) - probably due to overheating

version 2.8 (Feb 2011)
  • Install old laptop and fldigi for rtty operation
  • Fldigi keying via pseudo fsk interface
  • ptt and freq controll via hamlib
  • fldigi run on remote laptop and forward X11 over ssh to client station

version 2.7 (Jan 2011)
  • Install Apache web server and php page with some bash scripts for remote acces from Android mobile phone.
    • power on/off
    • antenna switch
    • rotator direction
    • voltage sensor
    • temperature sensors
    • trx frequency
    • lightning detector
  • Demo page

version 2.6 (Jul 2010)
version 2.5 (Jun 2010)
version 2.4 (May 2010)
  • Interruption the receiving path TRX and insert RX splitter for simultaneous reception of the skimmer server running on the same band
  • Update antenna switch (twelve relays return rx signal to SDR receiver)
  • Fixed problem with reduced efficiency solar panel (50W) that powers the Linux server (5W) - defective lead acid batteries. Solar statistic

version 2.3 (Mar 2010)
  • New antenna switch (ver. 2). Antenna not used for tx, switch to sdr rx & skimmer server. Results upload to reversebeacon.net
  • From firmware 2.09 available CW and PTT via usb port on operator side. In Linux as /dev/ttyACM0
  • Install & test Tucnak log by OK1ZIA in ARRL DX CW, screen
  • Add A/D 1-wire sensor for read AC voltage
  • Install OpenVPN
  • More than 7100 QSO via remote in logbook

version 2.2 (Dec 2009)
  • PA on/off with 'AT' button on trx (signal from antenna tuner relay)
  • Install fldigi
  • Connect remoterig to souncard
  • Update remoterig firmware (1.44) with internal cw key
  • Uninstall external elbug :)

version 2.1 (Sep 2009)
  • Install external elbug with local cw audio
  • Install Voice Guide and storage unit in TRX (VGS-1)

version 2.0 (Aug 2009)
  • Use remoterig.com hardwrare for transfer audio, cw and front panel controll

version 1.1 (Apr 2009)
  • Install rpc.rigd (three sw read freq from trx - PA, ANT switch bash script, CQRlog)
  • Install lighting detector warning script

version 1.0 - first final version (May 2008)
  • Install PA with remote PAconsole software
  • Local elbug with paddle transfer signal via ftremote
  • Audio transfer via ihu
  • PC motherboard Alix.1C (4,5 W)
  • Hybrid power for PC (solar/DC)
  • Reinstall server to Voyage Linux
  • Four lpt pin switch via BCD converter 16 antenna inputs
  • Two lpt pin use for Kenpro HR-1300 rotator controll
  • Cwctrl switch ptt (ssb) via cwdaemon
  • 1-wire temperature and voltage (azimuth) sensors read with Owfs
  • Picture 1, 2

version 0.5 (Jan 2008)
  • TRX TS-480 control via remote front panel
  • Audio trasfer via Ihu
  • Screen 1, 2, 3
  • Video

version 0.2 (Dec 2006)
  • Xlog for logging qso
  • Audio trasfer via Ekiga
  • Mmvari for rtty (wine)
  • Screen 1, 2

version 0.1 (Jan 2006)
  • Server on Debian Linux
  • TRX IC-746 control with Smart Gnome Controll software
  • Audio trasfer via Teamspeak
  • Screen 1, 2

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